Land Subdivision and Property Line Adjustments

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Land Subdivision

Subdividing land or doing a “lot split,” entails taking a singular piece of property and dividing it up in order to increase the total value of that property. When a single lot is divided up to as many as four “new” lots, it is referred to as a “lot split.” This will often occur where a large residential property is split in half and two homes are constructed, thereby increasing the overall value of the land. When a single property is divided into more than four “new” properties, it is referred to as a “subdivision.” This may occur where the use of a piece of land is being changed to a new use; for example, land that was once used for a single car dealership may be “subdivided” into several pieces of property, each with its own home on it.

The importance of having an experienced attorney when attempting to divide a piece of property cannot be understated. At Neek Law Firm, we provide the quality of service required to complete a lot split or subdivision request efficiently and effectively, and will vigorously combat any oppositions to the application. Or, if a neighboring property owner attempts a lot split or subdivision to the detriment of a client’s property interests, our land use specialists have the experience required to combat such application.

Property Line Adjustments

Property line adjustments involve altering the property lines on already existing parcels of land. A line adjustment may be required when attempting to combine neighboring parcels into one property, known as “lot consolidation.” It may also occur where an owner desires to change the shape of a property, or simply because two neighboring properties have a dispute over exactly where the property lines lie.
Regardless of form, it is essential to consult an experienced attorney that can help navigate through the various approval and compliance requirements associated with property line adjustment. Property lines can have drastic effects on an owner’s property rights, including affecting easements/encroachments and even the future sale of the property. Neek Law Firm offers our clients the type of know-how and determination required to achieve best possible results in property line adjustments, and to do so in an efficient, cost-effective manner.