What is Entitlement?

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The legal entitlement process can be very complex, and when executed properly, can add substantial value to a real estate project. On top of having to comply with generalized state and local regulations, each property proposal is heavily scrutinized at the municipal level. At Neek Law Firm, our expertise in land-use law can help to make the process as smooth and cost-effective as possible. For this reason, we strongly encourage clients to engage Neek Law Form from the very beginning of the process.

What is Entitlement?

A land entitlement is a legal right created by agreement with a local regulatory body. It dictates how a given piece of property may or may not be used. In addition to the obvious requirement to comply with the government, entitlement serves another important function: it has a profound effect on the value of the underlying land being entitled. Ensuring that land is both adequately entitled for its intended use as well as broadly entitled for multiple uses can increase property values substantially.

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